How to Change the Existing Allegiant Air?

Change the Existing Allegiant Airlines:

Suppose you find yourself in a situation where you need to change the existing Allegiant Air reservations. Then, look no further than Allegiant Air’s phone number to change flight; simply dial +1 702-505-8888 or +1-843-278-1904 to contact an expert. The airline has a dedicated and excellent customer service team that is available 24/7 to assist the passengers, whether they want to change Allegiant flights or looking for something else.

How to Change the Existing Allegiant Air?

Well, what we covered in the above section is just a direct, simple, and convenient method for Changing allegiant flight. But, when it comes to “How to change a flight on Allegiant?”, then apart from Allegiant Air’s contact number, you have several options. Furthermore, you should also be aware of the Allegiant Air Flight change policy. Let’s explore!

Understanding Allegiant Changing Policy:

When you decide to make a change to your itinerary with Allegiant, you must know about the Allegiant flight change policy. If you are unaware of this and are curious to know, then the points given below will help you.

Without Trip Flex:

  • Whether you are looking for “Allegiant Air change flight dates,” “Allegiant Air change return flight,” or “Allegiant Air change flight time.” You can only make changes at least seven days or more before or prior to your scheduled flight departure.
  • You may be eligible for points if the price of the change to your original flight is different from the price initially paid. The difference will not be refunded.
  • The difference between the old and new flights will not be refunded if the new flight fare is lower than the original flight fare.

With Trip Flex:

  • For tickets including Trip Flex, Allegiant Air’s change flight policy lets travelers change their scheduled bookings at least seventy-two (72) hours or more prior.
  • All changes are subject to availability and possible increases in airfare, hotel, and car rental prices.
  • You may be eligible for points if the price of the change to your original flight is different from the price initially paid. The difference will not be refunded.

Allegiant Air Flight Change Fee:

Before we move to the further sections, you need to understand Allegiant Air’s cost to change flights under Allegiant change flight policy. Well, changing fees may vary as it depends on numerous factors, including the fare class, route, and time of changing requests. Take a read through the points below to learn about the current changing fees of Allegiant flights with or without Trip Flex.

Allegiant Flight Change Fee (Without Trip Flex)

  • Allegiant Air flight change fees are subject to availability and are subject to a fee of $25 per person per destination in addition to applicable airfare.

Allegiant Air Flight Change Fee (With Trip Flex)

  • If your booking includes Trip Flex, change and cancellation fees do not apply to any itinerary.

Furthermore, you must see the latest fee structure on the Allegiant Official website or contact customer service for accurate information at +1 702-505-8888 or +1-843-278-1904.

How to Change Existing Flights on Allegiant Air?

You can change your Existing flight on Allegiant by dialing Allegiant phone number: +1 702-505-8888 or +1-843-278-1904. However, the best and most efficient way is for Allegiant Air Flight to change phone numbers, but along with this, Allegiant also provides some other methods to its customers or passengers to make changes to their flight tickets.

Read and utilize the ways mentioned below to get the answer to your question, “How to change an Existing flight on Allegiant Air?”

  • You can change your flight ticket by navigating through the official website of Allegiant Air.
  • Apart from the official website, you can also use the official mobile app of the airline for Allegiant flight changes. The official mobile app of Allegiant Air is available on both Android and iOS devices.
  • Rather than dialing Allegiant phone number and navigating through the official website or mobile app, if you are someone who prefers the in-person method. Then, you can visit the nearby customer service or booking office of Allegiant Air.

Essential Contact Details of Allegiant Air:

  • Allegiant Air phone number to change flight: +1-843-278-1904
  • Customer service: +1 702-505-8888
  • Complaints: +1 702-505-8888
  • Allegiant Air Postal Service Attn: Allegiant Travel Company, Customer Relations Department, PO Box 371730, Las Vegas, NV 89137

How do I talk to Allegiant Customer Service to Change a Flight?

Follow the given below steps to talk to Allegiant customer service to change a flight.

  • Launch the calling keypad on your mobile and dial Allegiant phone number: +1 702-505-8888 or +1-843-278-1904.
  • Listen to the IVR menu and select the language according to your preference.
  • Press 1 to go ahead with the “New or existing bookings” query with Allegiant Air.
  • Press 2 to choose “Existing bookings.”
  • Press 3 to speak with an Allegiant Customer service agent.
  • Be patient and ready with all the relevant details, including booking number and flight details.
  • Once you connect with an expert, explain the reason for your Allegiant Airlines change flight and provide all the required details to make a change to your Allegiant flight.

Common asked by the most Air travelers to Allegiant Air:

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Final Verdict!

In conclusion, I hope that you now understand the process of making changes, Allegiant Air changes flight cost and more. In case you face any issue while making a change, simply dial the Allegiant Air Flight change phone number to contact the airline.

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