Allegiant Air Military Discounts

Allegiant Air Military & Veterans Discounts

Yes, Allegiant Air always shows gratitude towards those who serve the nation. By keeping an eye on this, it has launched its Allegiant honor program. Under this program, it provides special discounts, including free Allegiant Air military baggage and other benefits to U.S. military persons. Along with veterans, active, reserve, or retired members, their dependents can easily avail of the Allegiant Air military discounts under some conditions.

If you are already aware of the Allegiant honor program and want to avail Allegiant Air military benefits. Then, simply dial Allegiant Air’s phone number in the U.S. +1 702-505-8888 (OTA) or +1-843-278-1904. If you are curious to know more, let’s begin!

Who is Eligible to Obtain Allegiant Military Discounts?

As per the guidelines of the Allegiant honor program, not everyone can avail of Allegiant Airlines military discounts.

  • Allegiant offers military discounts and free benefits to groups of individuals who have served or are serving in the U.S. military.
  • These benefits and discounts are offered to active retired military veterans, military reserves, and their families.
  • Along with military members, their dependents can also avail of Allegiant Air military benefits if they meet certain requirements.

Allegiant Air Military Benefits:

After reading through the above sections, if you are wondering what Allegiant Air military benefits and Allegiant military discounts are. Let me clarify that there are plenty of complimentary services specially designed for U.S. military members. If you are curious to know, let’s have a read through the points given below.

  • Allegiant offers the veterans to bring up to two pieces of baggage (each weighing up to 99 pounds) without paying any baggage fee.
  • As per the policy of Allegiant military baggage, the airline never charges for bags exceeding the size limit.
  • One free personal item and carry-on bag.
  • Military members can also make Allegiant military seat assignments at no additional costs.
  • They can also get a special meal menu on the flight.
  • Veterans who want to travel with their pets are not required to pay any Pet in-cabin fee.
  • Airline representatives will not charge any cost for printing a boarding pass.

Requirements for Availing of Allegiant Military Discounts and Benefits:

To qualify for the benefits and discounts offered by Allegiant for the U.S. veterans, members of the National Guard, active duty and reserve military, and their dependents. The following documents must be required when flying with Allegiant.

  • DOD Common Access Card (CAC)
  • Uniformed Services ID Card.
  • DD Form 2.
  • DD Form 2765.
  • DD Form 214.
  • Veteran ID card.
  • Driver’s license with a veteran designation.

Can Direct Dependents of Veterans Take Benefit of the Military Program?

Yes, why not? Allegiant Air allows the direct dependents of Military Veterans, retirees, and active duty members to take benefits of its Military honor program. But only if they must fulfill the requirements mentioned below.

  • Dependents must have a valid DD Form 1173 or 1173-1 (Dependent Identification Card)
  • A representative from the sponsorship must be accompanied.
  • Also, the representative from the sponsorship must be a passenger on the same flight booking.

How to Get an Allegiant Air Military Discounts? (Online)

After navigating through the above write-up sections, if you are wondering how to get an Allegiant Air military discount. Then, follow the steps mentioned below.

  • First of all, launch your preferred web browser and browse Allegiant’s Air official website.
  • Once the page is fully loaded, look for an option that says “Military Booking” and then click on it.
  • Next, enter your departure and arrival destinations in the given text fields.
  • Select your date of travel from the Allegiant low-fare calendar and then click on an option to search flights.
  • Select a flight from the available searches and proceed with the seat selection and booking process.
  • At last, you can make the payment using a debit or credit card and confirm your bookings under an Allegiant military fare.

How to Get an Allegiant Air Military Discounts? (on Call)

If you are wondering how to get an Allegiant Air military discount by dialing the Allegiant phone number. So, let me tell you that you just need to dial +1 702-505-8888 (OTA) or +1-843-278-1904 and follow the IVR instructions to direct your call to the live agent of the Alegant customer support team.

  • First, dial Allegiant Air’s phone number in the U.S. at +1 702-505-8888 (OTA) or +1-843-278-1904.
  • The IVR menu will be shown up and prompt you to select the language as per your preference.
  • Follow the IVR prompts until you get in touch with an Allegiant customer service representative.
  • Wait until you connect with an Allegiant Air customer service team member.
  • Next, tell the agent that you want to get an Allegiant military discount on a flight booking.
  • Provide all the relevant details, including a military ID card, to verify your eligibility.
  • At last, if you are eligible for Allegiant Airlines military benefits. Then, the agent will provide you with credit and proceed with your flight reservations to your desired destination.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Does Allegiant Air have free checked baggage for the military?

Yes, as per the Allegiant baggage policy for the military, a Veteran, reserve member, or active duty member of the U.S. military can directly bring up to two free checked baggage as well as carry-on baggage. But the condition is that each bag should not exceed 99 pounds.

Does Allegiant Airlines offer a military discount?

While answering this question, my answer is a big “YES.” Under the Allegiant honor program, the airline provides several benefits to veterans, retirees, and reserve or active duty members in the U.S. military.

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