Allegiant Air Baggage Policy

Allegiant Air Baggage: Everything you must know!

Are you flying with Allegiant Airlines and need to learn about their baggage policy? If so! This write-up will clear all your doubts and give insights into Allegiant’s air baggage guidelines and fees to ensure a smooth journey. You can also seek direct assistance from a live customer service representative at Allegiant baggage service by dialing their hotline: +1(702) 505-8888 or +1-843-278-1904, accessible across the United States.

Allegiant Airlines permits passengers to bring one personal item on board at no extra cost. However, checked baggage incurs additional charges or Allegiant baggage fees, usually based on the Allegiant Airlines carry-on size and weight limit of your additional bag. If you’re booked on an Allegiant flight, familiarize yourself with the Allegiant Airlines baggage policy to resolve any uncertainties.

Is there any restriction to bringing items on Allegiant Airlines (G4)?

Under Allegiant bag policy or Allegiant baggage rules, certain items are restricted, which means you cannot take some of the items on your flight. Even if you want to pay an additional Allegiant Airlines baggage fee, you will not be allowed to carry the following restricted items. These include-

  • Mobility aids and medical equipment.
  • Strollers/Car Seats
  • Alcohol (More than 3.4 oz) in a carry-on bag.
  • Biohazards and Infectious Substances
  • Camping and Outdoor Equipment (camp stove fuel, seam sealers for tents, etc.)
  • Batteries (wet cell), spare
  • Hoverboards / Self-balancing devices

If you would like to learn more about the items you cannot carry on your flight booked with Allegiant, then visit this URL:

Understanding Allegiant Airlines Baggage Policy:

Allegiant Air offers its passengers the opportunity to bring one personal item on board at no extra cost. It charges a reasonable cost if there is more than one according to size and Allegiant weight limit. Additionally, If you want to know more about Allegiant’s baggage policy or Allegiant Airlines luggage rules, read the given sections carefully.

1. What is Allegiant Airlines’ (G4) baggage policy?

  • Each traveler can bring one free personal item. This could be a purse, briefcase, or a small backpack of maximum size up to 20cm x 35cm x 45cm.
  • Travelers are allowed to purchase one carry-on bag per passenger of maximum dimensions of 25cm x 40cm x 55cm.
  • Carry-on bags incur non-refundable fees and must fit in the overhead compartment.
  • Under Allegiant carry-on rules, size restrictions apply to roll-aboard bags, tote bags, and garment bags.

2. Carry-On Baggage Size Requirements:

Be sure to comply with specific size and weight limits for both personal items and carry-on bags. Exceeding the limit at the gate results in additional Allegiant bag fees.

  • Personal item size must not exceed 17.8 x 38.1 x 40.6 cm
  • If you are carrying a carry-on bag, it must be less than 22.9 x 35.6 x 55.9 cm

3. Checked Baggage Weight Requirements:

  • Each bag must weigh at most 50 pounds (22 kilos) and not exceed 80 linear inches (203 centimeters).
  • Overweight or oversized bags incur additional fees.

4. Cabin Bags Policy:

  • According to FAA/TSA security guidelines, each passenger is allowed to carry a maximum of 2 items in the cabin: one (1) personal item and one (1) carry-on bag.
  • According to Allegiant Air’s personal item policy, the item must be stored completely under the seat in front of you. It must be, at most, the maximum size of 17.8 cm x 38.1 cm x 40.6 cm.
  • There is no charge for one Personal Item; however, it does not exceed size requirements.

5. Allegiant Baggage Fees:

  • Allegiant Air baggage fees may vary based on the time of booking time and location (airport or boarding gate). Also, Overweight and oversized bags always incur extra fees.
  • Allegiant checked bag weight: 51 lbs to 70 lbs (23.1-31.8 kg) = an additional Allegiant overweight bag fee of around USD 50.00 per bag.
  • According to Allegiant checked bag size guidelines, oversized Checked Bags incur an additional Allegiant Air baggage cost of around $75.00 per segment.
  • Allegiant baggage weight: 71 lbs to 90 lbs (32.2-45.4 kg) = an additional USD 75.00 per bag.
  • Allegiant Air baggage prices or fees paid at the airport are $75 each way per passenger.

What to do in case of lost or damaged baggage with Allegiant Air?

If your bag or luggage gets damaged or lost while traveling with Allegiant. Then, the best course of action is to complain to the Allegiant customer support desk. If you do not get the resolution, you can talk to Allegiant’s live representative on call by dialing Allegiant’s phone number, +1(702) 505-8888 or +1-843-278-1904. You can also register a complaint by submitting the contact form to their official email address.

To know about the process of getting through Allegiant Customer Service, Navigate through the ways mentioned below:

1. Contact Allegiant through Phone Number:

  • Dial Allegiant Air’s phone number at +1(702) 505-8888 or +1-843-278-1904 (no wait), accessible across the U.S.)
  • Then, Press 1 to proceed further in “English.”
  • After that, Listen carefully to the IVR options.
  • Then, Choose an option based on your query. ‘
  • After that Wait patiently, and you will be connected to a live Allegiant representative in real-time.

2. Engage with an agent through Live Chat:

  • Firstly, Visit
  • Then, Go to the “Help Centre” or “Contact Us” page.
  • Lastly, Click on the “Live Chat” bubble icon located at the bottom right corner to initiate your conversation.

3. Send Complaint via Email:

  • Go to the “Allegiant Contact Us Page.”
  • Then, Click on “Email Us.”
  • After that, Fill in all the required details in the given fields.
  • Describe your request in detail.
  • Lastly, Click on SUBMIT FORM.

Allegiant Air Contact Information:

  • Allegiant Air flight reservation: +1-843-278-1904
  • Allegiant Baggage Service Office: +1 866 719-3910
  • Lost and Found: +1 866 719-3910
  • Teletypewriter (TTY): (702) 430-3283
  • Weather Advisories: (702) 719-8111

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q1: What is the maximum weight for baggage on Allegiant Airlines?

Ans: Each Allegiant Air checked bag weight can be up to 50 pounds (22 kilos) and not exceed eighty (80) linear inches + width + depth (203 cm). Additionally, Each passenger can carry a maximum of 5 pieces of checked baggage. Also, Up to 4 bags per person can be ordered online.

Q2: What if my checked bag is over 50 lbs Allegiant?

Ans: In case your Allegiant Air baggage size is over 50 lbs, then Allegiant Air (G4) will charge an additional Allegiant overweight bag fee of around USD 50.00 per segment.

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