Allegiant Air Name Change Policy

What is Allegiant Air Name Change Policy?

Air travel comes with several formalities, one of which includes accurately mentioning passenger names on tickets. Occasionally, passengers may require modifications due to various reasons, such as marriage, divorce, typos, or oversight. Understanding how airlines handle name changes is crucial for seamless flying experiences. Like most airlines, Allegiant Air has specific guidelines and terms and conditions that govern the Allegiant Air Name Change Policy.

Allegiant Air, known for its affordable and accessible travel options, serves millions of passengers each year. Passengers must be aware of these policies to avoid any surprises or issues during their travel. This article explores Allegiant Air’s change name policies, answering commonly asked questions about changing passenger names on Allegiant Air flights.

Can You Change Passenger Name on Allegiant Air?

Yes, Allegiant Air permits limited modifications to passenger names on bookings. However, complete name swaps or selling tickets to another individual aren’t allowed. Contact Allegiant Air’s customer care team before departure to request a name change and clarify whether your situation complies with their policy.

Allegiant Air Change Name On Ticket

Passengers can initiate a name change Allegiant Air request online or contact Allegiant Air’s customer service representatives directly. When submitting a request, provide accurate booking references, full names, dates of birth, and other required information. If approved, Allegiant Air typically sends confirmation emails detailing updated reservation particulars. Note that variations in the process apply depending on specific situations and stages of travel for Allegiant Air to change customer names.

How To Change Passenger Name On Allegiant Air?

Follow these general steps to Allegiant Air to change passenger name:

  • Visit Allegiant Air’s official website and click “My Trips” at the top right corner.
  • Enter the required booking reference number and last name to retrieve the reservation(s).
  • Locate the section allowing edits to passenger names and proceed accordingly. Alternatively, dial Allegiant Air’s customer support line if faced with difficulties or ambiguity.
  • Follow the provided instructions carefully, supplying correct documentation and responding swiftly to requests for additional information.
  • Pay any applicable fees as instructed, finalizing the name change procedure.

Note that specific alterations might necessitate speaking with a representative instead of self-serving online. Always double-check email confirmations post-submission for accuracy.

Allegiant Air Change Name Fees

Allegiant Air charges modest fees for minor corrections or updates to passenger names. Typically, these range between $50-$100 per guest, although exceptions apply based on factors like route, fare class, timing, and availability. Generally, passengers can expect higher fees closer to departure or for international flights. Compare these figures against competitor pricing to gauge relative affordability. Remember that attempting to sell or transfer tickets to another party could violate Allegiant Air’s ticketing terms and lead to voided bookings or denied boarding.

Allegiant Air Change Name After Traveling

Changing the name on an Allegiant Air ticket after traveling poses unique challenges and limitations. Unlike some airlines that may offer more flexibility in this regard, Allegiant Air’s policies are stringent, and modifications post-travel are generally not allowed.

  • Allegiant Air understands that passengers may encounter unforeseen circumstances requiring an Allegiant Air Name Change Policy  After Traveling, but the airline prioritizes security and compliance with industry regulations. As a result, once a flight has been completed, Allegiant Air typically does not permit changes to the passenger’s name on the ticket.
  • The rationale behind this policy lies in the airline industry’s commitment to ensuring the safety and security of all passengers. The names on tickets must match government-issued identification, and altering this information after a flight could potentially compromise security measures.
  • It’s crucial for passengers to be aware of this limitation and take proactive steps before their scheduled flights to ensure that the names on their tickets accurately reflect the identification they will present at check-in.
  • While Allegiant Air’s policies on name changes after traveling are firm, the airline remains committed to providing exceptional customer service. Passengers with extraordinary circumstances should reach out to the airline’s customer support for personalized assistance and guidance on navigating their specific situation.

Change Person’s Name To Someone Else at Allegiant Air

Swapping a ticket entirely to another person’s name is not permitted under normal circumstances. Airlines enforce strict ticketing rules preventing fraudulent activity, scalping, or black-market sales. Violating these stipulations can lead to severe consequences, including denied boarding, confiscated tickets, and being added to watchlists. Instead, consider alternate options:

  • Transferring ownership of unused nonrefundable tickets: Limited instances allow transferring ownership to family members or close friends if purchased add-ons (e.g., seat assignments, priority boarding) haven’t been applied. Check with Allegiant Air for approval beforehand.
  • Requesting a name correction: Minor misspellings or character discrepancies can sometimes be rectified by presenting appropriate documents verifying the correct name format.

How much does it cost to change the name on reservation Allegiant Air?

Allegiant Air charges varying fees for changing the name on a reservation, ranging between $50-$100 per guest. However, these fees may increase for international flights or if the request is made closer to the departure date. Please note that completely transferring a ticket to another person’s name is not permitted under normal circumstances due to strict ticketing rules aimed at preventing fraudulent activity. If you find yourself needing to make a name change, it is recommended to contact Allegiant Air’s customer service team for guidance and current pricing specific to your situation.

Can I change the name of a passenger on an Allegiant Air flight?

Yes, you can change the name of a passenger on an Allegiant Air flight; however, Allegiant Air has specific policies regarding name changes. Complete name swaps or selling tickets to another individual are not allowed. Modifications are restricted to minor corrections or updates due to errors or changes in circumstances.

You must contact Allegiant Air’s customer service department at +1 (702) 505-8888 or +1-843-278-1904 to request a name change and confirm whether your situation meets their policy requirements. There will likely be a name change fee, which varies depending on the specific situation, route, fare class, timing, and availability. Expect to pay between $50-$100 per guest, though this amount may differ in certain cases.


Navigating Allegiant Air’s name change Policy requires attention to detail and familiarity with specific terms and conditions. Though complete name transfers are prohibited, limited adjustments remain accessible for genuine cases. Being informed saves time, money, and frustration while avoiding potential conflicts with airline authorities. Should uncertainty arise, always reach out to Allegiant Air’s customer service team for clarity and assistance. Happy travels!

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